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(16 November 2019)

Very pleased to announce that The Epigenetics of Diet's third edition is out today - in my new name - Janine Gee.
Thank you for your support and interest. Love to you all.


Well, it's hard to believe it has taken me so long to update my web site...unfortunately a back-up failed and I lost many of my blogs from over the years. But that's ok... Onwards and upwards!

This year marked the fifth anniversary of the release of my first eBook, The Epigenetics of Diet...a very proud moment.

I now have seven books published at Smashwords (and other book stores) and there are another six on the way.

This year, I have travelled to Hull, England to facilitate The Connect Sales Program to the ResQ call centre staff...amongst other things.

Once again, I'd like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a happy and safe New Year! Please stay safe.

Janine Schott


Wow, what a year! This year, Janine has written a training course for health practitioners titled, The Practitioners' Guide to PTSD in Military Families. Janine has published The Epigenetics of Diet, an eBook that explains the importance of knowing what you are eating and what it is doing to your emotions, body and behaviour ( Ken is just putting the finishing touches on his PhD thesis and is expecting it to be finalised in the next six weeks. We are both working on the next book in the series...due for release in 2011.
In 2011 there will be many exciting things happening. Stay tuned.
I'd like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a happy and safe New Year!
Janine Schott

You may have experienced mood disorders (including anxiety, depression, inappropriate outbursts of anger), sleep disturbances (including insomnia, waking during the night and difficulty getting back to sleep, waking early tired and unable to get back to sleep), intrusive thoughts, flashbacks or undeserved guilt. Or maybe you escalate to defensive, upset and angry quickly. Does the inappropriate anger pass, leaving you wondering whether you over-reacted?
These are extremely common traits in children, teenagers and adults that have a variety of causes. They come with dysfunctional coping strategies, such as isolating yourself from family and friends or self-medicating with drugs such as alcohol. Tragically, these coping strategies often collapse with any additional stress...leading to major depressive episodes (previously known as nervous breakdowns).
These traits are inherited. You can stop the cycle. There is help out there.
Please join The Families After Trauma Foundation Facebook group
There are many families out there that are "on edge" and we're ready to help. To see what Ken has been doing since 2004 and how the Families After Trauma Foundation evolved click
The first book in “The Epigenetics Of” series, The Epigenetics Of Diet, will be available for purchase from your local book store soon or click here to download The Epigenetics Of Diet Book. This book supports mental health. It may not cure mental illness, but following the lifestyle described within will result in a more positive and stable mood, improved sleep, less frequent toxic intrusive thoughts and improved ability to manage one’s anger.
The Charts and Forms used in The Epigenetics Of Diet are available as is the A3 Poster summarising The Epigenetics Of Diet. Email diet at for your copy.
The second book in our “The Epigenetics Of” series, The Epigenetics Of Trauma, is currently being developed. It will be available in 2011. Click here for more information on Books.


The Epigenetics of Diet is the most important handbook about food of our time. It explains the three common imbalances that lead to excess body fat, my history of dieting and discovering "diets" don't work. Our food and environment affect our emotions, bodies and behaviour and trigger genetic switches (which determine the diseases we get and affect our children). Learn how foods really affect you and enjoy optimal health/shape for life.
It is available for a short time at the special introductory price of $US7.795 from
We have the following events scheduled:
* eBook launch: The Epigenetics of Diet. eBook available for purchase from from 14 September 2010. Special Introductory price of $US7.95 until 26 December 2010.
* The launch of this website 29 October 2010. Virtual drinks in cyberspace 5-6pm Australian standard eastern time. Please join us!
* Book launch: The Epigenetics of Diet. Paper back due for release xx xxx xxxx at TBA.
The Families After Trauma Foundation (The Foundation) was established by people who live with the intergenerational effects of military service and/or PTSD and understand that trauma reaches beyond an individual to affect his or her family. It offers consumer operated services to Australia’s military families “on edge” in the form of research, networking, support and training services.
The Foundation aims to become widely considered as the premier Consumer Operated Service in Australia run by members to benefit all Australian military families.
Our Chief Executive Officer, Ken O’Brien, has completed twenty four years of study in the fields of Psychology, Management, Education and Corrective Services, culminating in his doctorate (PhD) in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, titled The Heritability of PTSD in the Children and Grandchildren of Vietnam Veterans in Australia. He currently provides advice to the Federal Department of Veterans’ Affairs as a Consultative Forum member for their Vietnam Veterans’ Family Health Study. His work with Veteran families is recognised globally and he has a long history of voluntarily providing his specialist advice and services to the wider military community. Ken witnesses these pandemic issues in military families on a daily basis via his various roles in the community (see People on the navigation bar).
We provide culturally appropriate and relevant preventative practice in the form of our range of critical, cost-effective, consumer operated services.
These services include, but are not limited to:
• Ongoing development and facilitation of accredited training programs for health professionals (including counsellors, psychologists and general practitioners). We have conducted meetings with peak medical representative bodies who strongly support our initiative;
• Peer-to-peer telephone support;
• Fostering networks and collaborative relationships with community support organisations such as Relationships Australia, Red Cross and Anglicare to roll out our essential programs at the family level within its community;
• Developing and maintaining strong partnerships with educational and research facilities for the mentoring and support of university and TAFE students conducting research into military family issues, and their lecturers;
• Maintenance and ongoing development of our online support services via out internet portal (pending);
• Publications and informed, critical reviews;
• Provision of ongoing research and data collection to inform policy and practice guidelines for health professionals and policy developers;
• Ongoing advocacy and representation nationally and locally; and
• Conducting frequent and regular seminars and conventions to community and interest groups and the general public.
Furthermore, we have completed development of our much-anticipated The Practitioners’ Guide to PTSD in Military Families, designed for doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, community workers, disability support workers and allied health professionals. We also facilitate a variety of workshops and conventions for families where participants gain understanding and meet others with similar experiences as themselves.
We look forward to keeping you up to date with our progress.
Ken O'Brien
Chief Executive Officer
Janine Schott
Education Director

Visit The Families After Trauma Foundation website:

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