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Books by Janine

The Epigenetics Of Diet
Like nothing you have read before, this innovative book earns the titles of both text book and training manual for optimal health. Containing three parts it explains, in relatively simple terms, exactly how the modern diet has led to the obesity and diabetes epidemics of the twenty-first century (Part 1), it teaches you how to obtain optimal health and your ideal body shape (Part 2) and simplifies techniques to maintain optimal health for life (Part 3).
Our food and environment affect our emotions, bodies and behaviour and trigger genetic switches, which then affect our children. This book teaches you how to obtain ~ and maintain ~ optimal health and how to leave a positive legacy for your children.
“This book serves three purposes in that it provides the foundations for a healthy lifestyle and tells of Janine Gee’s journey to health, vitality and well-being. Significantly, it also provides all the reader needs to adopt a similar successful lifestyle.
Janine Gee came from a background as an ordinary Australian and experienced ongoing health problems for some three decades of her life. Over time, she discovered that her health problems could be controlled and prevented by diet and lifestyle.  Driven by a strong desire to understand the scientific basis of her problems, Janine researched many aspects of human biology, food and diets, lifestyles and behaviour. This book presents a scientific and reasoned explanation for the causes of her problems and how the lifestyle she adopted solves those problems. It’s not surprising then, that she now recommends this lifestyle to others.
The book clearly describes how anyone can adopt the healthy lifestyle.  Using the methods therein the reader can assess their health status by generating numerical scores. By following the nutritious food plan based on the amended nutritional pyramid, using clearly presented recipes along with sensible recommendations regarding exercise, the reader can take complete charge of their lifestyle. Changes in the individual’s health status will be clearly shown by the progressive changes in the scores generated by the assessment procedures. The final result should be a vibrant and healthy individual with a balanced and sensible approach to life.
This book provides the total package because it is the only published nutritional program available that embraces the latest research in epigenetics, explains the common reasons why people carry excess body fat, provides recipes and a meal planner and empowers individuals to eat a balanced diet containing only foods that fuel the body. In fact, all you need for a new lifestyle is contained within this little goldmine!

 I welcome the opportunity to encourage you to read about the lifestyle and ultimately choose to make it your own.”
~ Norman F Gare (PhD)
Immunologist (retired)
1 August 2010
If the proof of the diet is in the eating,
then proof of the lifestyle is in the living.


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Book by John Brandt


Survival Guide

John Brandt, a former intelligence and counter-terrorism specialist, reveals what you need to know to travel safely and to plan for and survive natural disasters...for everyone from backpackers to hostage targets to you!
Research now shows two most fatal places to be in an earthquake are in doorways/under furniture. Find out where to go to maximise your chance of survival +more.

This book includes 30 informative chapters divided into Part 1 - Prepare for Travel, Part 2 - Passage and Part 3 - Prepare for survival (in natural disasters and other emergencies).
John Brandt's career began some 50 years ago in cryptology, counterintelligence, counterterrorism and undercover work in association with Special Forces around the world, particularly with Israeli Special Forces and the SAS. This provides him with extensive knowledge in the fields of intelligence and counter-terrorism. Due to the classified nature of the work he was often involved in, a great deal of travelling and undercover work was required.
Edited By Janine Gee, this book is easy to use and includes handy appendices including:
Appendix A ~ To Do List (prior to travel)
Appendix B ~ Shopping List (for travel)
Appendix C ~ What to pack (when travelling)
This handy little book will ensure that you leave no essentials behind and enjoy the safest journey possible. It will also enable the reader to maximise their chances of survival in a natural disaster or other emergency.

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Books by John Elms

Learn What to Learn

Higher education involves concept attainment. Many students never really learn just how easy concept attainment can be. This work provides a simple and effective method for establishing the 'must know', 'should know' and 'could know' information relating to a course of study.
Learn What to Learn lifts the lid a little more on the processes that are fundamental to succeeding at university.

This work is dedicated to making matters of fundamental importance as simple as possible.
Two military maxims are fundamental to this simple approach towards achieving better grades. The first is Know Your Enemy. In terms of senior secondary school or post compulsory education studies this translates to Know what is expected or required of you. The second military maxim, Time spent in reconnaissance is seldom wasted, is the complementary co-justification for this simple strategy. The logic of this approach is that, once you realise what has to be learned for the best chance of better grades and how to go about finding out about this information, you will be better able to allocate your time and effort to maximum effect.
Implementing this suggested strategy is a form of empowerment. That is, you can provide yourself with your best chance of success. This empowerment will be achieved principally because you have been introduced to the fundamentally important concept of how to concentrate your efforts on those aspects of a secondary or post compulsory education course or unit that are most likely to result in the highest possible mark or grade. That is, you are playing with the odds; not against them.
Remember, when all the dust has settled, it is what appears on your academic record (i.e. your results sheet) that counts most, as far as others are concerned. You will hear irrelevancies about how you should immerse yourself in 'university life' via activities other than study. If you do this to the detriment of achieving your best possible results, then you will have spoilt the initial opportunity that is the starting point of the majority of the rest of your life (i.e. your occupation) and the rewards it brings.
Leave the 'immersion' to others. Focus your attention on what to learn; then efficiently and effectively concentrate your efforts so that you will be able to represent yourself best whenever assessment of your progress is conducted.
In addition, be aware of the fact that senior secondary and post compulsory education, like any form of gainful or purposeful employment, is heavily dependent upon basic skills and associated systematic processes. Learn these basic skills and the fundamental processes of scholarship and you will better equip yourself. Better results will build confidence in yourself.
Begin your crusade to achieve your best possible results from the first day of each semester or term. Seek out what has been asked in the past. This will most likely provide you with an understanding of what has been identified by past examiners as being the essence, i.e. the important or the relevant content of the discipline, course or unit being studied.
Using the set textbook, you should be able to begin to outline the important elements or aspects of each concept that has been asked in past examination questions. This procedure of outlining and clarifying (or 'mapping') the important aspects of a concept is crucial to success and must be practised properly and regularly.
Read this work carefully, several times. Concentrate on learning what appears to be its relatively simple recommendations. You will be inordinately rewarded if you make yourself proficient in these simple strategies.

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Essay Assignments - A user-friendly guide

At last, a guide through the tangled web of academic essay writing! The 'simple' steps to 'do' an academic essay are set out, right down to warning students to check the range of assessment criteria. Prevent unnecessary panic. Students can gain confidence in handling the techniques, making the thorough steps more automatic.
This too is part of the outcome of a solid academic education.

Insufficient time is consistently cited by novice higher education students as one of the major causes of their failure or poor results. On the other hand, academic staff typically opine that lack of application is the most significant cause. This simple essay assignment strategy is intended to fill the gap between these two sets of opinions.
The higher education experienced to-day is assessment and administration dominated. It is characteristically the responsibility of the contemporary higher education student to demonstrate how effective he or she can be in terms of his or her assessment results. Regardless of what you may consider to be the nature of higher education, all that seems to count is one's formal academic statement that lists the results that led to the degree awarded.
With this fact of life and its attendant challenges clearly in mind, the following insight into how to cope efficiently, effectively and legitimately with the commonplace first form of progressive assessment, viz., the essay assignment, is presented to you as simply as possible.
Please read this presentation until you fully realise just how you can cope efficiently and effectively with the first and crucial piece of assessment that higher education students typically meet. The efficiency aspect under consideration relates to the amount of lime and energy needed to complete the work required. The effectiveness aspect relates to the grade or mark achieved. (There is little benefit in completing an essay assignment in less time per thousand words of essay only to achieve a failing grade or mark.) Improved productivity should be reflected in improvements in both efficiency and effectiveness. Keep a record of your own improvements. Consider also whether your confidence and willingness to get started early improve.
Later, when you are familiar with this recipe-like system of essay organisation and preparation, you can adapt and alter this simple system to formulate your own approach to essay assignments. However, do not part with this text. It has been a relatively common experience that some purchasers of similar texts have given their copy away only to find that they cannot obtain another copy when they subsequently return to formal study. It is also helpful to return to this text after some years of following your own adaptation of this relatively simple strategy.
Though this system was devised for higher education students, it has proved its worth to secondary students as well. This simple essay organisation and preparation system has been used even by primary school children from the Year 5 level onwards, with most rewarding results.
I wish you success in your studies.
John Elms
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Multi-choice exams

Multi-Choice Examinations is a user-friendly guide that explains how a novice student can more successfully undertake the assessment demands of a university, in this instance, multi-choice exams.

Multi-Choice examinations are gaining in popularity with academic staff. Though multi-choice examinations do take longer to prepare, they are definitely much faster to mark. As lecturers are typically faced with increasing numbers of students and shorter deadlines in regard to finalising examination results, the use of multi-choice examinations in on the increase.
John Elms is the author of a most helpful series of informative texts which clearly advise, in the minimum number of words, how a novice student can more successfully undertake the assessment demands of a university, in this instance, multi-choice exams.
Contents include:
The Components of a Multi-Choice Examination
A Simple Illustration of a Multi-Choice Question
What is required of a Multi-Choice Exam Candidate?
A Simple Classification of Types of Knowledge that Comprise a Unit of Study
A Trick to be Aware of in Multi-Choice Examinations
Introductory Comments about the Recommended Multi-Choice Examination Strategy
The Recognition or Reward Aspect
The Penalty Aspect
The Typical Multi-Choice Examination Conditions and How to Benefit
The Passing Mark Aspect
Consideration of these Three Aspects
What to Learn about Multi-Choice Examinations
~ The First Time through a Multi-Choice Examination
~ The Second Time through the Multi-Choice Examination
~ The Third Time through the Multi-Choice Examination
~ Action to Take Just before the End of the Examination
Advice Regarding How to Prepare for a Multi-Choice Examination
The Success of this Simple Multi-Choice Examination Strategy
Concluding Comments.

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Download the PDF version of an ebook if you wish to print it.

The Epigenetics Of Diet’s Charts and forms
The Epigenetics Of Diet’s Charts and forms (described in The Epigenetics Of Diet book) can be downloaded as a spreadsheet. This includes:
* A checklist to assist in the assessment of initial health
* A blank Candidiasis Symptom Progress Chart
* A blank Hyperinsulinemia Symptom Progress Chart, which can be edited to make a Tailored Symptom Progress Chart if required
* The author’s Candidiasis Symptom Progress Chart (included as a completed example)
* A blank Food Chart (to be completed daily during Phase 1 and 2).


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The Epigenetics Of Diet Poster
If your desire is to achieve -  and maintain  - optimal health then hang this poster inside your pantry door. It will remind you of some key concepts involved in improving your emotions, body and behaviour as explained in The Epigenetics of Diet book’s three–part plan. The Epigenetics Of Diet’s Poster is A3 (or 2 x A4 pages) and lists the recommended foods, a 14-day example menu planner and tips. It is available for download to print and hang inside your pantry!

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