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Janine Gee (B.Ed)
Janine Gee was born, raised and educated in Adelaide, South Australia. Throughout her diverse career she has worked all around Australia in the Information Technology and Education industries.
For 30 years, Janine was frustratingly plump. In 2001, a lengthy juggle of dieting and many minor ailments culminated in a battle with a persistent migraine (that lasted for weeks). Finding a solution to this migraine sparked a journey of unimaginable discovery which became the foundation of the book The Epigenetics Of Diet (the first draft was titled The Noughties® Lifestyle).
Obesity now rates in Australia as an epidemic. Some experts believe Australia is the fattest nation. Preventative medicine is Janine’s passion. The illnesses she repeatedly experienced are commonly treated individually by doctors. It is Janine’s aim to equip doctors with a simple interpretation of research on the effects of diet on people from the pre-agriculture age right through to the present. She knows that redefining “healthful foods” is a monumental challenge and is dedicated to this important cause as it will save lives. No drugs, no operations, no expensive programs ... just good old-fashioned truly nutritious foods.
Janine has settled in Brisbane, Australia, and is devoted mother to two cherished boys.

Dr Ken O’Brien (B.Arts, B.Soc.Sci (Hons), PhD]
Ken is the very proud son of a Vietnam veteran and was formerly in the Australian Medical Corps. He has dedicated his life to helping military families “on edge”.
Ken has completed twenty four years of study in the field of Psychology, culminating in his PhD titled The Heritability of PTSD in the children and grandchildren of Vietnam veterans. Ken is the CEO of the Families After Trauma Foundation, the Director of the Children and Grandchildren of Vietnam Veterans Network and advises several prominent veteran organisations.
Ken’s work informs Federal Ministers while representing the interests of the military and veteran community. These volunteer roles include:
* Children and Grandchildren of Vietnam Veterans’ Network (CGCVVN): Principal, see
* Department of Veterans’ Affairs and the Federal Minister for Veterans’ Affairs: Advisor on the Consultative Forum guiding the $13.8m National Vietnam Veteran’s Family Health Study, see
* Vietnam Veterans Association Australia (VVAA): State Health Advisor to the Queensland branch of the Vietnam Veterans’ Association Australia, see
* Returned and Services League Pine Rivers District Sub-branch: Committee member and Research Principal, see
* Published many articles (Intergenerational PTSD and Epigenetics), presents seminars to Councils and Boards and Committees, locally, nationally and internationally, see and

John Brandt

John Brandt, a former intelligence and counter-terrorism specialist, reveals what you need to know to travel safely and to plan for and survive natural disasters...for everyone from backpackers to hostage targets to you!
Research now shows two most fatal places to be in an earthquake are in doorways/under furniture. Find out where to go to maximise your chance of survival +more.


John Elms

John Elms spent more than 20 years at the University of Southern Queensland in Toowoomba Queensland. During this time he has conducted comprehensive applied research in regard to improving higher education student productivity. After directly observing many novice higher education students struggling with the various forms of 'progressive assessment' he formulated a simple and practical set of productivity strategies to cope with the most common forms of assessment.
His books are respected by students because the strategies described in them are easy for most students to implement and readily produce improved results.

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